Astrological Musings

Thanks to Astrodatabank for obtaining an accurate birthchart for Mark Foley (with time of birth evidently from his birth certificate). (See my earlier profile using a noon chart.)

Not surprisingly, Leo is rising in Foley’s chart. (I had guessed Gemini or Libra because of his facilitiy with words and political relationship, but the Leo love for drama certainly fits what we know of him.) In addition, he has a fifth house emphasis (ruled by Leo) with three planets present there, all in Capricorn. The urge for him to express and make a name for himself is pronounced; yet the Virgo modesty and Capricorn pressure for power and material success create a stew of conflict that is difficult to manage.

The conjunct of Jupiter to Uranus often indicates a sudden (Uranus) change of fortune (Jupiter), and these planets as we saw before are tightly tied to a T-square which includes the Moon/Chiron and Neptune. Neptune creates an illusion that can erupt in scandal, exposing the Moon/Chiron with painful results.

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