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Despite the recently released National Intelligence Estimate that unequivocally states that the war in Iraq has worsened the problem of terrorism around the world, Donald Rumsfeld remains stubbornly optimistic and admits no errors in his handling of the war, saying “No one anticipated the insurgency’s strength,” a statement which of course is patently untrue. He is the subject of a documentary that airs on CNN tonight.

Rumsfeld’s astrological chart shows that he was born with the Sun in Cancer conjunct Pluto, showing an obsession with issues of power (Pluto). The Sun/Pluto combination challenge Uranus which tends to show an extremely individual who prefers to work autonomously and does not take orders willingly. With Pluto and the Sun in his eighth house (ruled by Pluto and associated with Scorpio), his quest for power is not overt but instead takes place behind the scenes, manipulating events to achieve his outcome. An example of this occurred when Rumsfeld used his political influence to obtain FDA approval for aspartame in 1981 while he was chairman of Searle, its manufacturer. Before Rumsfeld was tapped by the Bush administration he was chairman of Gilead Research in which he still owns a large stake. Gilead Research just happens to be the manufacturer of Tamiflu, which became the vaccine of choice to respond to the Bird Flu scare of last year.

Mercury in Leo in the eighth house shows that his thinking tends to seek to understand the deeper issues, but in Leo where there is a celebration of the Self there is a tendency to think that one is always right. Mercury in his chart is sextile Mars, indicating a bright mind and quick thinker as has been shown by his unusual command of the English language. (Be sure to read Slate Magazine’s compilation of Rumsfeldian poetry.)

Mars in Rumsfeld’s chart falls on his descendant (opposite the ascendant), showing that he does not get along well with others and finds it difficult to work in partnership (it’s interesting that he is a hardball squash player which is highly competitive); however with Mars in Gemini he does enjoy talking.

If the birth data available on the internet is correct, Rumsfeld has Moon in Libra, indicating that he has a strong emotional need for balance and harmony in his life, and his Moon falls right on his Midheaven which is the point of career and public life, and he has been the longest serving Secretary of Defense in American history including his term under Gerald Ford. This is someone who has a strong emotional need to live a life of accomplishment that takes place in the public arena and that he seeks partnerships in the realm of careers, even though he is not all that good at them as shown by Mars on the descendant.

Like George W Bush, Rumsfeld has no oppositions in his chart showing that he finds it difficult to achieve perspective and tends to lack objectivity.

Rumsfeld’s Libra Moon makes an exact opposition to Eris, the new planet which is already associated with the goddess of “strife and discord.” The mythological Eris instigated a competition among other goddesses which began the Trojan War, and with Eris prominent in a chart we are likely to see an individual who is an instigator, who begins a process by which the established order begins to unravel. It can be argued that Rumsfeld’s fatally flaw plan to invade Iraq will ultimately be the golden apple that change the entire balance of world power.

George W Bush also has a prominent Eris, exactly opposite Neptune in his chart and widely square his Sun (I hesitate to use too wide an orb for Eris because it moves so slowly). Neptune shows where we have a tendency to be deceived and to live a fantasy life, and it is his “playing president” complete with costumes and surrounding himself with “yes men” which has made him a pawn for the unfolding events that are certain to destroy the balance of power as we know it and transform our world forever. The very way Bush came to power exemplifies the confusion that Neptune can bring, and demonstrates that a very small event such as a hanging chad can have incredible historical significance.

I believe that we will come to discover that Eris rules the small events that change the course of history. Unlike Pluto which comes in with a nuclear bomb, Eris may be associated with events that appear small but ultimately change the course of history, just like the Trojan War which lasted ten years and began because of a small golden apple and a goddess with a grudge.

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