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The unfolding drama of our lives is a magical mystery tour, which is why we can’t predict the future. Astrologers were pretty much in agreement that the Saturn/Neptune opposition (where the trials and tribulations of Saturn are confused by the mysterious delusions of Neptune) would bring a new flu outbreak. With challenging aspects of Neptune (such as the square and opposition, 90 and 180 degree angles) to other planets we tend to see the more negative attributes of those planets. Saturn: Hardships and disappointments. Neptune: That which is confused or hidden. End result: mysterious illnesses, among other things. However, instead of the Bird Flu we have a new hidden enemy: Spinach! With over 100 confirmed cases of e coli poisoning, the FDA is now recommending that all consumption of spinach be stopped.

There is some historical evidence associating Saturn and Neptune (see this earlier article about various historical connections with this planetary dynamics) with flu and other epidemics. Still, there have been lots of Saturn/Neptune periods that did not bring epidemics, and other planetary events that brought new viruses (such as Ebola which came in when Uranus traveled through Scorpio (blood is associated with Scorpio and Uranus brings sudden change and eruptions).

As astrologers, when we peer into the future we get a glimpse of the energy climate that will take place. We like to make predictions based on what we see in terms of energy patterns, but the actual forms that populate the climate remain a mystery to all of us. Life continues to bring constant surprise and new challenges, expanding our awareness and our understanding. We expect birds, we get spinach! It’s always something new and different.

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