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I’m taking a break Saturday so I can write the October Skywatch. Meanwhile here are some links for your reading pleasure: Philip Brown takes a look at Senator George “Macaca” Allen, something I’ve been meaning to do myself. Jeffrey reviews […]

Two astrobloggers whom I hold in high esteem have quoted my ponderings on the “tripartite nature of Pluto” including Eris and Ceres. Their comments are really wonderful and help to expand this concept. From Jeffrey comes this beautifully written story […]

You can tell Owen Wilson is unusual the first time you see him in a film. Shaggy hair, crooked nose: he doesn’t look like your everyday film star. And even though the parts he plays are typically the sophomoric doofus, […]

The opposition from Saturn to Neptune was expected to decrease the supply of oil (Saturn is “dry” and Neptune is “wet”) causing oil prices to rise, but the addition of Jupiter’s expansive properties (in a square to Neptune) has boosted […]

Art by Larian While I was on vacation I happened on a radio interview with Andrew Harvey, a mystic and Shakespearean scholar who believes as many do that the earth is heading for some troubled times. I was very impressed […]

Keith Olbermann, our generation’s Edward R. Murrow, lets Bush have it with a scathing comment in tonight’s newcast.

Philip Brown has an interesting article about the birth of Al Qaeda that started me thinking. Philip uses the date of August 11, 1988 as the date for his chart; however, the book I just read by CNN’s terrorism expert […]

As noted here a few days ago, President Bush is having a major planetary crisis in terms of his relationships. Saturn with its tests and challenges is affecting Venus in his chart, creating limitations and restrictions in his relationships with […]

Venus in Virgo squares off with Pluto over the next few days, creating potential crises in relationships (Venus) as issues that may have been buried are dredged up by Pluto. However, the sextile (60 degrees) between Saturn and Mercury will […]

Art by Thomas Hamann The Sun entered Libra yesterday (see yesterday’s article for the connection between Libra and the Autumn Equinox). The sign of the Scales, Libra is the sign that seeks balance, harmony, truth and beauty above all else. […]