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Thanks for the tip, Jeffrey, of another article from Celeb Astroblogy (I love the intro):

Let me step back and strive for a more measured level of schadenfreude as we examine Mel’s horoscope and find out why Yahweh has a bone to pick with him.

A Capricorn, Mel has a malefic conjunction of aggressive Mars and his Sun’s ruler, stern Saturn, in Scorpio. This configuration gives him a tendency to be controlling, power-hungry and manipulative, and he definitely likes to be in charge. See Mel Gibson’s birth chart (Astrotheme) An out-of-sign Mercury-Chiron conjunction makes Mel prone to say hurtful, wounding things in public.

Another out-of-sign conjunction, of Pluto in late Leo with Jupiter in Virgo, gives Mel something of a megalomaniacal cast. He is overweening and overreaching in his ambitions yet controlling and micromanaging. With Uranus in Leo in the 1st house, he likes to shake things up and shock people; he is a well-known prankster.

At the time of Mel’s arrest (2:36 AM PDT on July 28, 2006 in Los Angeles), the approaching inconjunct aspect between authoritative Saturn in egomaniacal Leo, in his 2nd house of values, and volatile Uranus in self-destructive, addictive, martyr-complex Pisces, in his 9th house of beliefs and foreign cultures, was forming a yod configuration with Mel’s Capricorn Sun that is just now waning in influence.

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