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Some astrologers say that the effects of Mercury retrograde linger for several weeks after Mercury changes direction to move forward again, but I have never found that to be the case, in my experience Mercury’s direct turn generally alleviates the difficulties in communication, travel, email and phone service. However, Uranus is still retrograde so don’t expect everything to be working smoothly quite yet.

Uranus is said to be the “higher octave of Mercury” – where Mercury rules the thought process and communication of individuals, Uranus is associated with communication on a more transpersonal level. For this reason it rules technology and the internet as well as more esoteric or transdimensional levels of communication such as mediumship or channeling. Uranus will remain retrograde through November 19 where it will be activating our awareness in new ways and encouraging us to break free of our restrictions, and quite possibly, causing problems with computer technology. You may want to review this earlier article on the Uranus retrograde period for more information.

Meanwhile I hope to use this last Mercury Rx day to finish the site update! Check back Saturday for a whole new look.

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