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Rumors are swirling around Washington that Karl Rove has already been indicted, but Capitol Hill Blue reports that an investigator denies this claim. This report also says that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has had Rove in his sights from the beginning of the investigation.

The opposition of Saturn to Chiron that is about to make its final hit interacts closely with Rove’s birthchart (take a look at this link to see more about Rove and how transits over the past year has helped to erode his power). Like Bush II, Rove’s Mars makes no aspects to any other planets in the chart, causing him to operate as somewhat of a loose cannon – a general with no need for soldiers.

This last Saturn/Chiron opposition will include a conjunction by Mars, increasing the intensity of confrontations and facilitating the eruption of suppression across the world. This configuration will make an exact square to Rove’s Mars around June 17, and this will be an interesting date to watch. Rove has been undergoing a conjunction of transiting Pluto (death and rebirth) to Chiron (wounding and healing) in his chart since January, and he is undoubtedly experiencing a crisis on a more personal level as well. The second event of that transit coincides with the pressure of Mars/ Saturn/Chiron in square to his natal Mars and could create physical problems as well because of Chiron’s tendency to create health disorders in order to get our attention.

When Pluto in transit applies pressure on Chiron in the birthchart, it tends to bring up all kinds of emotional issues for the purpose of promoting healing and transformation. For someone like Karl Rove, whose life has been based on building power through questionable means, there is bound to be some repercussions during this time. Unfortunately, he is tremendously secretive and there is little information available on his personal life for us to learn from. In any event, this mid-June period is bound to create some events that will begin to free the country from his stranglehold.

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