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Everyone is asking me to do the chart of this new life, and although I do have a fascination for celebrities and people in the news I am much less interested in the potentiality of a newborn child. It’s the correlation between the actions of a celebrity and their planetary dynamics that hold the most interest for me. Why did Katie Holmes give up her life for Tom Cruise? What drives David Blaine to push the limits of human endurance? What makes Sharon Stone such a nut? These are the questions that wake me up early in the morning to write this blog.

However, to satisfy the curiosity of my readers I’ll delve briefly into the horoscope of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s new child, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. The Celebrity Baby blog has a link to a birthchart by Helane Lipson that I believe is incorrect. First of all, the date of Shiloh’s birth is somewhat confusing. Agence France-Presse has released a birth time of :40 AM GMT on May 28, most news reports give the date of May 27.

Ms. Lipson’s chart shows Sagittarius rising, but using the birthtime of :40 AM GMT (which is itself suspect since we don’t know the source) we have a rising sign of the first degree of Aries. Because the rising sign changes degree every 4 minutes, the rising sign of baby Shiloh Nouvel could as easily be Pisces. I have found that birth times provided by hospitals are more likely to be late than early, since the time is recorded AFTER the birth, so the rising sign is more likely to be Pisces than Aries. However, it will be in the late degrees of Pisces which tends to bleed into the more assertive Aries, indicating someone who while sensitive, imaginative and flexible (Pisces) will seek to express her own will and live her own life.

Her Moon is in Gemini (representing Angelina, who is also a Gemini), and is conjunct Mercury and in the third house. This is a triple significator that communication will be important to her and she will probably be a writer of some kind. She will want to accumulate as many experiences as possible (Gemini/third house) and will be very bright (Mercury in Gemini in the third house). She is also likely to move quite often with Gemini at the cusp of her fourth house, and like Angelina she will not want to be tied down. Uranus (radical change) is square (conflict) with her Moon/Mercury conjunction, showing that she may perceive Angelina (Moon/mother) as being unstable and undependable (Uranus). Uranus/Mercury people often have a unique style of learning, they almost seem to absorb information directly rather than study.

Her chart shows Venus in Aries at the cusp of the second house of possessions, showing that she is independent (Aries) in relationships with others (Venus) and possesses a confident nature (Venus in the second house). She will also tend to love beautiful (Venus) things (second house) and attract (Venus) financial gain (second house). Venus in her chart trines transformative Pluto, adding a passionate streak to her nature that is not normally found in an Aries Venus. Her relationships will be intense, and she will be attracted to partners with power.

Mars in her chart is exactly quincunx Pluto, showing that her drive (Mars) will be strong but she will be frustrated (Pluto) by her attempts to express it. The quincunx (50 degrees) and inconjunct (30 degrees) are considered “minor” aspects, but when they are exact on the degree can be extremely irritating. Unlike the conflict and tension of the squares and oppositions which eventually result in release and change, the quincunx and inconjunct are never fully expressed.

The most difficult thing in Shiloh Nouvel’s chart will be the configuration of the Saturn/Chiron opposition (of which you can read much more in other articles here) which is square to Jupiter. This T-square (the three planets form a “T”) creates a tension between the three planets which are all in fixed signs, giving her a strength of character and personality but also causing her to be prone to outbursts until she is able to integrate the challenge of this configuration. Saturn in her chart is in Leo, showing that she is hindered (Saturn) from being able to fully express herself (Leo), which I believe will be somewhat mirrored in the Pisces/Aries ascendant. This will result in frustration for her which will force a crisis and eventual transformation and awakening of her inner strength. T-squares are difficult, especially in youth, but it is the difficult configurations that bring the most personal growth and self-awareness.

The opposition of Chiron to this block to her self-expression will add a painful component there, and she may experience health issues as Chiron forces a continuous pressure on her to develop her sense of self (Leo/Aquarius). Both Saturn and Chiron are squared by Jupiter, which wants to break out and liberate her from this pressure. She is therefore likely to be rebellious and want to make her own way in life, which will facilitate the self-expression which is the key to her chart.

Only time will tell how these signatures manifest; astrology is the study of potentialities and our free will determines the outcome of our lives.

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