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Robert Wilkinson offers an in-depth analysis of Rove’s chart. He goes into quite a bit of detail on Rove’s transits over the next few months:

Lots of legal activity in Karl’s immediate future, due to begin this week and intensify the following week, when Mars conjuncts Saturn both in an exact opposition to his Mars beginning Monday June 12, culminating June 15-19. This conflict in his chart is compounded by Jupiter square his Mars all of June, July, and the first week of August, showing he has entered a very difficult time. Other concurrent influences in his immediate future include Mercury opposed his Venus-Mercury between June 11-15 and Venus in Taurus square his Pluto and quincunx his Neptune on June 13-15.

The Sun will square his Saturn, oppose his Sun, conjunct his Uranus and quincunx his Mars the week of June 22-30, when we also see Mars quincunx his Venus, followed in early July by Mars quincunx his Mercury and semisquare his Saturn. His enemies will be taking dead aim at him due to the oppositions from the Sun to his natal Mercury and Venus, and Mercury retrograde may trip him up by bringing old contradictions back under scrutiny.

Again, Jupiter continues to put pressure on his Mars throughout this period, even as Mars creates hot spots the entire first week of July, and opposes his Jupiter the last week of July just as the Sun opposes his Mars and Mars semisquares his Neptune. Whatever happens then affects what will show up the end of August, with a reckoning due no later than the second and third weeks of September as Mercury and Mars enter his T-square with Sun square Pluto and Venus opposed Uranus with Saturn conjunct Karl Rove’s Pluto. Forces beyond his control will call him to account, and bring his destructive Pluto under leash.

He gets no slack in early October with Jupiter square his Pluto, Mars square his Moon, Venus, and Mercury, Venus square his Sun and Uranus conjunct his Saturn, and Mercury square his Mars. To sum up, Karl Rove has a fairly rough ride the next 5 months, with more trouble to come when Saturn retrogrades back over his Pluto next year. If I had his exact ascendant, I could give you much more accurate timing on some things, since his Moon position could be anywhere between 14 and 24 Cancer.

That was Mars’ span in May, and Mercury will transit there between June 11-20, Sun will transit there between July 5-15, Venus will transit that span July 29-August 7, and Mars will square that span between September 28 and October 14, the most volatile time for things to break apart in Karl Rove’s life. We can only hope he gets what he deserves, an orange jumpsuit and some time behind bars for obstructing justice, participating in treason, and just being nasty.

(For my own more abbreviated analysis see the article below.)

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