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The Moon will be full in Sagittarius tomorrow, June 11, at 2:03 pm EST. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is optimistic, adventurous, and driven to find meaning in life. For that reason it rules religion and theology, and with the Moon full in this buoyant sign the question of what truly holds meaning for us will predominate. This Full Moon is within 5 degrees of a conjunction to Pluto and the Galactic Center, and while I am still exploring the meaning of the GC the conjunction of Pluto to the Full Moon lends power to the lunation.

During the Full Moon, the lunar instinctive/unconscious principle dominates the solar conscious principle, making this a good period for inner exploration. Emotions typically run high during Full Moon periods, although in Sagittarius we are more likely to see a surge of bright energy, especially in the conjunction with Pluto. Pluto is the planet of power, of transformation, of death and rebirth. Curiously, the optimistic and expansive planet Jupiter is often found transiting through the charts of people when they die, indicating a type of liberation and perhaps an opportunity to conclude their business on Earth. This Full Moon, with both the Jupiter/Sag and Pluto influence, signifies a liberation from that which no longer serves us and an opportunity to become transformed (Pluto) into a more truly authentic individual.

The significance of the Galactic Center is still a mystery, but one thing that I am hearing over and over is that people now, as we approach the conjunction of Pluto to the GC at 26 deg Sagittarius, are feeling a pull to go deeper (GC) into their own lives and find a truer meaning (Sag). This Full Moon will illuminate the pathway to the core of our own lives, offering an opportunity to expand into a brilliant new universe of light within ourselves. As each individual becomes more aligned with their inner divinity, the world around us becomes changed as a result.

This can assist us in dealing with the tension that will result from the T-square between the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Leo that opposes Chiron in Aquarius and the square of Jupiter to the three other planets. This configutation will align exactly on June 17, but we will be feeling its effects for most of the month of June. A T-square, with its squares and oppositions (all challenging aspects) creates a high degree of tension that can be uncomfortable, but it does result in an explosion of energy that motivates change in a powerful way. As we have seen with the Chiron/Saturn opposition over the past six months or so, long simmering issues that require healing (Chiron) are forced into the public consciousness where they must be dealt with (Saturn).

Mercury (communication) makes a trine (harmonious aspect) to Uranus (new ideas) on June 12, providing a conduit for insight and revelations to assist us in navigating the choppy waters. In addition, Mercury and Venus will be within 2 degrees of a sextile formation during the second and third week of June. This will facilitate communication as Venus puts us in touch with our feelings of love and fosters a desire for harmony that will greatly assist in dealing with the challenges that come before us during this period. From June 12 through the 16th or so, a square of Venus to ethereal Neptune will add a touch of creativity, but because the square is a challenging aspect we may find ourselves prone to Neptune’s tendency towards fantasy.

All three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are stationary right now (Uranus is preparing to turn retrograde on June 19, Neptune and Pluto turned retrograde in May and still moving very slowly). As a planet prepares to change direction (as viewed by us from Planet Earth), it appears to slow down and almost come to a halt. I like to describe this as being similar to a car with a loud boombox that parks right in front of your house, rattling the windows with its booming bass. It definitely gets your attention!! The outer planets call us to transcend and expand our view and perspective, to liberate ourselves (Uranus) from that which is stale, to dissolve the boundaries of the material world (Neptune) and discover that which is more real than ordinary reality, and to surrender (Pluto) to the alchemy of spiritual transformation.

What a powerful time we are living in!

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