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For a preview of what’s ahead in June, visit the latest Skywatch article that I just posted last night. And here are some links to other blogs you are sure to find interesting:

Jeffrey offers up a smorgasbord of interesting articles from the transits of Lindsay Lohan to a fascinating link to Bill Streett’s article on Pluto and the Galactic Center in the chart of Roman Polanski and other newsmakers.

Nancy Waterman‘s political pages remind us of the final pass of Saturn over GW Bush’s ascendant and the resulting firestorm of problems that continue to plague the president. Even more interesting than her articles are the comment pages which are full of great political insights and links.

Collaborate with Fate has an interesting article on the meaning of the date 06-06-06 coming up this week.

Jill speculates on the prospects of Jeb in 2008. Her political blog is the place to go for early information that proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

One Good Move has great videos including Keith Olbermann trashing Bill O’Reilly and Stephen Colbert celebrating the birthday of Sigmund Freud, along with interesting links and other stuff.

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