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Skywatch, the monthly astrological forecast for July is now posted on my website. An excerpt: As July begins, the difficult patterns of the June cycles are behind us, but with five planets in retrograde motion (Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and […]

Today I’m working on the July Skywatch article, so watch for that to be posted tomorrow as well. Meanwhile, I found this interesting article covering the attack of one galaxy by its neighbor that sounded eerily apropo of what is […]

Thanks to Astrococktail’s news section for this tidbit: “What’s Your Sign? Design,” a show premiering at 9 p.m. Saturday, looks to the zodiac to bring harmony to star-crossed couples, roommates and homeowners. Hosted by Steven Lee, the show features interior […]

Last night Israeli forces stormed into southern Gaza, attacking three bridges and knocking out a power plant in an effort to force the release of an Israeli soldier who had been kidnapped by Palestinian militants. Ironically, yesterday Hamas and Fatah […]

You can read this article on the National Ledger site (turn on your popup blocker!). I’m going to post today on the escalating violence in Israel instead.

Art by Lynette Hensley Pluto turned retrograde (appeared to move backward) at the end of March, and as it slowed down before changing direction (the “stationary retrograde period”) the issue of secrecy regained prominence with the disclosure that the National […]

My husband’s favorite TV channel is the Weather Channel. He loves to watch the changing patterns of the radar, and attempt to predict what the weather will be that day. In North Carolina, weather forecasts are notoriously inaccurate, and I […]

We are currently experiencing the second phase of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, an event which will conclude in September. Jupiter represents expansion, freedom, our search for meaning; Saturn rules conventional morality, social and governmental structures. Over the past week as reported […]

The New Moon occurs in the emotional and family-oriented sign of Cancer at 12:05 pm EST, June 25. During the New Moon, the Sun and Moon (the solar conscious principle and the lunar unconscious principle) are conjunct in the sky […]

Lindsey Lohan is an extremely gifted young actress; blessed with good looks, brains and talent she began modeling at the age of three. She acted in over 60 television commercials, and achieved early success at the age of twelve in […]