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“Possibilities 2” by Lucy Arnold

(As always, please refrain from scatalogical remarks about Uranus, which is properly pronounced “YOUR-ah-nus” )

Astrologically, Jupiter has always been known as the “greater benefic.” It brings good fortune, it expands our field of possibilities and gives us a sense that life has meaning and therefore rules philosophy and religion. Jupiter makes us feel good, it gives us hope and optimism. However, Jupiter is one of the “inner” or “personal” planets, and is therefore earthbound. Although Jupiter rules religion, it does not offer the opportunity to connect personally with the divine (as offered by Neptune) or to expand into higher dimensions of consciousness (as offered by Uranus).

Uranus is the rebel, the eccentric, the one who stands apart from the crowd. Uranus demands change and a fresh approach to life. It despises conventional morality and causes us to feel restless; it bestows flashes of brilliance and inventive discoveries. Uranus rules technology for this reason; it also is connected with electromagnetic energy and electricity. For this reason it strongly influences the electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical body and permits expansion and contraction through that field. In this way, Uranus opens up our multi-dimensional awareness. This can be disturbing to those of us who tend to be more grounded into earth awareness, accounting for the reputation of Uranus to cause anxiety and psychological problems.

The current cycle of the trine (120 degree angle) between Jupiter and Uranus first occurred back in November. At that time, the Kansas school board adopted a new definition of science which included a study of intelligent design, thereby creating a new and inventive (Uranus) way to connect religion (Jupiter) with science (Uranus). Two new rings around Uranus were discovered, expanding (Jupiter) the physicality of the planet Uranus. Other surprising discoveries (Uranus) that expanded our knowledge (Jupiter) were a new sun-like star was discovered 137 light years away, the DNA code for a domestic dog was deciphered and flint tools were discovered in the UK, indicating that humans lived there 200,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Over the past six months we have had several difficult planetary systems: the Grand Cross at the end of 2005, the Saturn/Chiron opposition over the past year. The trine between Jupiter and Uranus during these difficult periods helps to expand the scope of our awareness during challenging times and come up with inventive (Uranus) and positive (Jupiter) results. If we possess a tendency towards negative thinking, Jupiter helps to expand our sense of faith that life does offer possibilities. Uranus offers flashes of insight that helps us to solve problems.

Without challenges in our life we rarely move forward; when life is too easy we tend to sit on the sofa and become complacent. The next few months will bring the return of the Saturn/Chiron opposition and the Saturn/Neptune square, but our friends Jupiter and Uranus will continue to expand our awareness and if we allow it, will aid in the progression of our soul’s journey.

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