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Astrological Musings has been named one of the Top Ten Astrology newsfeeds by Top Ten Sources. The editors say, “We think the most interesting astrology weblogs look to the stars for more than just a regular horoscope.”

I share this honor with several sites that I think are just great. You already know about Jeffrey Kishner’s Astrology at the Movies site, and Elsa Elsa’s advice blog. Stars over Washington is like Wonkette with astrology.

They also have a new site that I hadn’t yet seen, Collaborate with Fate. I haven’t had a chance to read much of her stuff, but so far it looks very interesting. Her latest article deals with the astro-geography of the Da Vinci code. I have known about astrogeography, or it’s trademarked form Astrocartography, for quite a while but it has never spoken to me so I’m glad to find a source of useful information on that topic.

Thanks again to all of you who visit me every day and help to continue to feed the writing muse!

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