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New Beginnings”, by Mary Lou Falstreau

The New Moon occurred Saturday at 1:25 am EST (sorry, I took a day off!), but its effect will continue over the next couple of days. New Moons are times of beginnings, and in Gemini they are times of change as well. Gemini craves new experiences, and the New Moon in Gemini lends itself to beginning new projects and engaging in exciting new endeavors.

This New Moon is sextile the stabilizing force of Saturn, which lends discipline and structure to the airy nature of Mercury-ruled Gemini. It’s a good time for beginning new goals (Saturn) and planning (Saturn) for new opportunities to learn and create new ideas (Gemini). The solar conscious principle is fused with the lunar instincts now, and the subconscious can link more easily to the conscious mind.

Barbara Hand Clow, one of my favorite writers on Chiron, writes about this New Moon:

“This New Moon is especially interesting because it coincides exactly with the midpoint of Night Four of the Galactic Underworld, as defined by Carl Johan Calleman in The Mayan Calendar: Transformation of Consciousness (2004), which all of you must read in order to really understand Astroflash! through 2012 AD. Since there are thirteen midpoints of the Galactic Underworld occurring from January 5, 1999, through October 28, 2011, the chances of a midpoint coinciding with a New Moon during the same period (about 165 New Moons) is around 1 in 10,000 probability.”

If you haven’t read Barbara’s work it may sound a little far out to you, but she has always been on the cutting edge and it’s wise to keep an open mind when reading her articles. Her work on Chiron is really excellent, and brought in some of the more esoteric aspects of the way that planet works with energy.

Mercury (also in Gemini) makes a trine (harmonious aspect) today to Saturn, reinforcing the connection between the mental pursuits of Mercury and Gemini with the solid structural support of Saturn. Venus is just leaving a square to Mars, where it created some disruption in relationships, but its trine to Pluto has facilitated transformation wherever we were stuck. This process will continue over the next few days. Meanwhile, the trine of Jupiter (expansion) to Uranus (awakening) is still in effect, offering a free ride to a world where life is full of new opportunities if we choose to make the trip. This is an opportunity to let go of patterns of living our life that have become stale and sour, and to gain a new trust and faith in letting go to the miracles that life has to offer

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