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Artwork by NW Creations

The Moon is full in Scorpio on May 13 at 2:51 am EST. Scorpio of course is the sign of power, passion and emotional intensity. Scorpio can be secretive and mysterious, and the Moon has its own mystery. The Full Moon occurs when the solar conscious principle of the Sun opposes the lunar mystery of the Moon, and the Full Moon is often when the Moon is at its full power. Adding additional mystery is the square of misty Neptune to both the Sun and the Moon (forming a T-square to the Sun/Moon opposition that forms the Full Moon). In a hard angle aspect like the square, Neptune creates fantasy and illusion and enhances that which is hidden.

The lunation cycle begins with the New Moon and culminates with the Full Moon that takes place in the opposite sign. So we began April 27 with the New Moon in Taurus, celebrating life in the physical body and establishing a sense of peace and serenity. Taurus deals with the realm of form and matter, whereas Scorpio deals with emotional transformation. This Full Moon will call on us to probe beyond the mysteries that we use to shield ourselves from a truer reality. By diving fearlessly (Scorpio) through the veil of deception, we will gain new clarity and understanding.

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