Astrological Musings

Spring, by Cindie Watkinson

Jeffrey Kishner (of the famed Astrology at the Movies blog) always adds a fascinating astrological layer to the business of films. This week he takes on the question that is the bane of astrologers who lack an accurate birth time: What is the real Sun sign of Spike Lee, whose birthday straddles Pisces and Aries?

I’ll be attempting a technology free weekend, so until Monday you can feed your astrology fixation at Jeffrey’s place. If that’s not enough, check out Dermod Moore’s new link center collecting astrological link posts from sources all over the globe.

This weekend offers some nice aspects for creativity with expansive Jupiter making a trine to the separating Venus/Uranus conjunction (innovation in relationship to others) and the Moon which is conjunct Neptune today (emotional harmony and creative opening) and trine Mars (offering physical energy to our emotional needs) tomorrow. That sounds like a great time to take a break and have some fun, and I hope you can do the same!

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