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Home boy has made it big for sure. Back when hardly anyone was reading this blog, one of my first profiles was of my favorite tv news anchor, Jon Stewart. In celebration of his birthday last fall (visit that article to learn more about Jon’s chart and personality), I noted that Jon would be going through simultaneous challenging and harmonious aspects of Saturn, the god of hard work and discipline. Challenging aspects of Saturn can cause us to feel overburdened and overworked, and the harmonious transits bring success as our hard work is rewarded. Jon’s chart shows a harmonious aspect between Saturn and his natal conjunction of the Sun (his Spirit) and Mercury (his mental processes), telling us that he has a disciplined (Saturn) nature (Sun) and a clear thinker who can be a disciplined planner (Saturn/Mercury). Despite the sunny exterior of Jon’s Sagittarian nature (Sun in Sag), during these Saturn transits Jon has begun to reveal a side that is deadly serious and calculating and he refuses to play the dancing monkey, as you know if you saw his interview with Tucker Carlson that may have ultimately led to the demise of Crossfire. His biting satires into the heart of American culture are the very reason the Oscar producers chose him as host this year; that, and as Jon says, the fact that Billy Crystal was busy.

The past few years has seen a meteoric rise for Jon Stewart, and the argument could be made that the debacle of the Bush presidency has been the thing that has propelled him into stardom. Now that he is getting ready to host the Oscars tonight, let’s see what else is in store for Jon.

Jon’s Saturn transits will complete themselves in May, providing him with a lift from the pressures that have created an abundance of work for him (including the book America and a spinoff show with Stephen Colbert) yet greater recognition than ever before. This year Jon began (in February) a series of transits of Chiron to his Saturn and Sun/Mercury conjunction. Chiron (the wounded healer) aids us to heal any unresolved issues from the past and move forward with greater wisdom. Beginning last year, Jupiter (abundance and opportunity) began a transit to Pluto (personal power) in Jon’s chart, deepening his sense of empowerment and level of confidence, a cycle that will continue through August of ’06. I expect to see Jon’s work continue to deepen, and for him to become more influential on a personal level as he gains the confidence to speak without the need for comedy and laughter, something he attributes to his neuroses.

And what about tonight, Oscar night? I’m going to be looking for some real zingers from Jon – Mars (aggression) is opposite Jon’s natal Mercury (communication) this weekend, and the Moon will be square to Jon’s Jupiter (confidence) and Uranus (rebelliousness). We may see him be more aggressive than usual, something which could surprise those who expect the laid-back self-effacing persona of the Daily Show Anchor. Whatever happens tonight, Jon’s place in the world of fake news is certainly assured, and his millions of loyal fans (of which I proudly include myself) will continue to look to him for the truth that is seldom found these days in the mainstream press.

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