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Nicole Kidman has had her share of bad relationships, and her very public and humiliating split from Tom Cruise just as the prenup was set to expire brought her millions of new fans and revitalized her film career. Since the breakup she has had a few high profile romances, but now seems to be settling down with Keith Urban, a fellow Australian country singer. News of wedding dates have come and gone, but the intensely private actress does not seem to be getting closer to the wedding aisle, and rumors are floating about of Keith Urban’s inability to commit. Will they make it?

When looking at relationship compatibility, sun signs tell only a very small part of the story, they can’t be relied upon but they are a good place to begin. Nicole is a Gemini, with Keith a Scorpio. This makes their general natures very different. Nicole has a lighter and more flexible nature; Geminis easily take on personas and lifestyles, and are generally facile actors for this reason. Nicole’s Moon is in Sagittarius, showing that her emotional nature is generally optimistic – she believes that life has abundant possibilities and it’s hard to keep her down for long. Mars in her chart is in Libra, the sign of relationships. With Mars (her drive) in Libra, she is very motivated to please others and she is likely the one to bend in order to meet the needs of the relationship.

Keith is a Scorpio, with a much more intense nature, and his Mercury and Neptune are also in Scorpio. Scorpios are passionate about everything they do, and because Scorpio is a fixed sign their natures tend to be more entrenched and unflexible. We don’t know where his Moon falls because we don’t know his time of birth, but I suspect that it is in Leo, giving him a secret inner drive for fame and recognition. Keith has Mars in Capricorn, the sign of material success. He is driven (Mars) to achieve (Capricorn), and his Mars is both trined by Jupiter, expanding his sense of possibility, and squared by Saturn, causing frustration as Saturn puts the brakes on that drive. To make things more complicated for him, Saturn in his chart is retrograde (appearing to move backwards) and the negative voice of Saturn is turned inwards in self-critical thinking. Because so much of a man’s self-image is tied up in his work, this that Keith puts on himself to achieve success is going to color any relationship that he is in. Keith had a spell of alcohol and cocaine addiction while he was climbing his way to the top–apparently his intensity was too much for him.

Nicole’s Venus is in Leo, indicating that she is big hearted and generous (Leo) when it comes to her relationships (Venus), and Venus in her chart is in stable Saturn. She is capable of great fidelity and tenacity when it comes to those she loves. Keith’s Venus is in Virgo, which is much more cautious and conservative when it comes to expressions of love. Keith’s Venus also conjuncts Pluto, showing a powerful fear of rejection or annhilation (Pluto) through relationships. This can make it difficult to feel safe in relationships, putting pressure on the individual who feels they need to escape the pressure.

Keith is definitely a much more complicated person than Nicole, and he has a well-documented history of cocaine and alcohol abuse. Nicole’s chart is much less complicated and perhaps like many women she sees a temptation to rescue Keith from his emotional issues and addiction. Nicole and Keith have a possible Moon connection if Keith’s moon does fall in Leo, harmonizing nicely with Nicole’s Sagittarius moon and showing an emotional connection and sense of bonding. Nicole’s Cancer Mercury and Keith’s Scorpio Mercury are both in water signs, showing that they will have success in communicating. Nicole’s Libra Mars and Keith’s Capricorn Mars are square to each other, indicating conflicts and arguments as well as sexual incompatibilities.

Overall, these two are very different in their natures and while that is exciting during the initial phases of a relationship, it is hard for two such different people to maintain closeness over the long term of a settled, living together marriage and partnership. This is a relationship that can last in a long-distance situation but marriage would be very difficult.

Nicole is undergoing planetary cycles right now (involving Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn) that show a focus on moving forward in her life. Keith is beginning a harmonious cycle of Jupiter to Venus that could bring a period of ease into his relationship life, with a simultaneous transit of Pluto (transformation) to Chiron that could bring great healing along with great pain, as Chiron heals through the exposure of our deepest wounds. Scorpios typically have great emotional courage, and if Keith is able to walk through the fire of his painful history this could be a tremendous time of healing and growth for him. If he is not, he will run to escape the pressure, and the relationship will not last until summer.

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