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Mercury (communication) is approaching a conjunction to Uranus (inventive creativity and revolutionary thinking) which will be exact on February 14th. When these two planets interact we tend to see abrupt (Uranus) changes in opinions (Mercury), radical (Uranus) new ideas (Mercury), and sometimes revolutionary (Uranus) reactions to discussions (Mercury). Because Mercury moves quickly any effects of this conjunction will be swift and only last for a few days. In the news, we have the revelation (Uranus) the Cheney instructed Scooter Libby to talk (Mercury) to the press. Iran’s president tells his people (Mercury) that they can stand alone (Uranus) and don’t need world support. And new (Uranus) rumors (Mercury) emerge that the Pentagon is planning to attack Iran.

More significant is the approach of Saturn to Chiron (see earlier article). We are seeing more evidence of the healing crisis that is erupting as old and hidden wounds (Chiron) are forced into the open (Saturn) so that they can become healed. Violent riots across the globe protesting a cartoon of Muhammad, revealing the simmering anger of Islamics at being disrespected by the rest of the world. More photos of troops (this time British) abusing prisoners have come into the public eye. And the power of the Republican party is beginning to fracture (Saturn) as its abuses become known.

In the financial markets, we are still seeing the effects of the “irrational exuberance” of the Jupiter/Neptune square, especially in the emerging markets (see earlier article). In India, market watchers are worried about a runup that defies reasonable expectations. In Korea, Istanbul, and Malaysia, foreign speculation is driving up stock prices to prices that are not supported by the facts. This is looking a lot like the stock market bubble of 2000. This Jupiter/Neptune configuration will ease off in the period from May through July, but Saturn’s entry into the dance is likely to force us back to reality with a strong market correction.

For Valentine’s Day, though, we have Venus (goddess of love) in harmonious aspect (sextile) to the opportunity of Jupiter, making this a great day for all kinds of relationships.

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