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Geo W Bush gives his State of the Union address tonight, a good opportunity to take a look at what the year ahead has in store for our Prez-dent. (To learn more about Bush’s astrological dynamics review his profile here.)

In the 2004-2005 period Bush went through his second Saturn return, the time when transiting Saturn “returns” to the same degree as Saturn in a person’s birthchart. The first Saturn return occurs at age 28-30 and represents the time in our life when we are forced to leave behind the trappings of childhood and transition into adulthood. The second Saturn return, at age 57-60, forces us to examine what we have done with our life and brings us face to face with our mortality.

For someone like Bush who is impulsive and self-centered, the Saturn return can be a very difficult process as it brings us face to face with our failures and our disappointments. Bush’s Saturn return was followed by a transit of Saturn over his ascendant or rising sign (Me vs. The Other), his Mercury (thought and communication) and Pluto, which will continue through the summer. This included a square of Saturn to his Midheaven, or career point indicating conflict and career disruption. The stress on Bush has been noticeable, and during the Saturn return period there were press reports of Bush breaking down and beginning to drink again.

Saturn’s hit on Bush’s ascendant began in September 2005 as Katrina hit the US, challenging (Saturn) the way others viewed him (ascendant) and exposing the relationships that he had built within the White House and the cronyism that resulted (ascendant/descendant). Saturn’s influence on Bush will continue throughout the summer.

Meanwhile, transiting Uranus (rebelliousness) begins a swipe at Bush’s Mars (aggressive instinct), increasing his tendency to lash out at others when he is under attack. This influence will continue through September 2006 and is a matter of great concern since we have a similar leader in Iran who is also known for his bellicose rhetoric. The combination of Saturn’s tendency to suppress and hamper our energy with the urge of Uranus to break free and rebel against the status quo will be a difficult combination for our prez.

There is one supremely harmonious transit taking place now for Bush, which is Pluto (transformation and power) trine his Midheaven (career point). The harmonious influence of Pluto helps us to shed old patterns that no longer serve us and to grow into a new sense of empowerment. He also has a number of harmonious Jupiter transits which will help to expand his sense of confidence and renew his optimism. However, his relationships will be tested and he may experience more than one betrayal in March or next summer as Chiron (the wounded healer) crosses his ascendant and opens up old wounds.

George Bush is not really suited to the presidency – he is touchy and arrogant, and lacks the solid sense of Self required to be able to lead despite personal traumas. My one hope for the next two years is that the long trine of Pluto to Bush’s Midheaven (career point) over the next year will help him to transform (Pluto) his leadership skills (Midheaven) in a way that will truly begin to serve the country instead of his arrogance and that of his cronies.

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