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There’s something powerful about the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one. A sense of opportunity abounds, and there is a feeling that the slate can be wiped clean and a new beginning can take […]

Although this aspect didn’t culminate until yesterday, it’s been in effect for some time as part of the Grand Cross so it hasn’t received the attention from me that it deserved. Mars square Saturn is often described as “driving with […]

Beth Owl’s daughter reminds me: By the way, as I’ve been discussing on my website, this New Moon is also a second New Moon in one month, as rare as Blue Moons, but not as widely known (since by definition, […]

The New Moon this month is in Capricorn on December 30 at 10:11 PM EST. New Moons occur when the lunar principle of emotional mind fuses with the solar principle of conscious mind (the sun conjunct the moon). New moons […]

Jill tagged me with this, and while I’m not sure what it is I’m going to play anyway: Seven things to do before I die: Spend a month in the English countryside. Appreciate my husband 24 hours a day. Buy […]

(For more information, see these past articles discussing the Grand Cross of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in effect for the next few weeks.) For the past month or so, four planets have been dancing in a “Grand Cross” formation, […]

The celebration of Christmas at the Winter Solstice is one of the more recent celebrations to mark the longest night of the year. Today as we celebrate the return of the Sun and the birth of the Sun God, I […]

In astrology, Uranus symbolizes radical change and eccentric behavior, it is the revolutionary of the zodiac. Astronomers have long known that Uranus possesses unusual features such as the fact that it is tipped nearly on its side relative to the […]

Venus, traveling through Aquarius, turns retrograde on December 24. When Venus is retrograde we are often forced to pay more attention to our dealing with others and our own sense of connectedness and how well we manage our connections with […]

Thanks to Jill for posting this article by Peter Daou from Salon about the dynamics of a Bush scandal. This corresponds very precisely with the Grand Cross occurring right now between Mars (aggression), Saturn (law/rules/restriction), Neptune (confusion and illusion) and […]