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Astrological Musings

Saturn turns retrograde November 22

Saturn will be turning retrograde tomorrow, November 22. Planetary retrograde motion is an illusion based on the fact that astrological calculations are taken from the perspective of earth. Illusion or not, however, retrogrades have a powerful impact on interactions between humans and bodies of humans such as countries and governing bodies.

Before a planet turns retrograde it slows down to prepare for the turn, and during this period it’s focus strengthens. Compare it to a loud car driving down your street which turns around in front of your house. While it’s turning in front of your house it’s noise will be even louder and more annoying.

Saturn in its more negative guise rules discipline, delay and disappointment, but also grants the gift of reward for hard work. Saturn is currently in Leo, the signs of kings and kingliness, where it is forcing some of our rulers off their pedestals. This is hitting Pres. GW Bush particularly hard since he has Leo rising and several planets in Leo (see Bush article for more info.)


When planets turn retrograde, they call our attention to issues that we may have thought were already concluded. Particularly for those of us with planets in the fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio), we may find ourselves frustrated with failure to achieve our goals and the need to re-evaluate our plans for the future. Saturn wants us to plan carefully and work hard, but it does reward this hard work with success. This is not a time for overconfidence or gambling which could be a danger with Mars in a dance with Saturn through the end of the year. Mars rules our personal drive, and we may find ourselves thwarted as we try to assert our desires. Taking the time to focus on the hard work will call in Saturn’s aid as we work to achieve our goals.

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