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Get ready for a wild weekend!

As of a few days ago when the Autumnal Equinox occurred, we are moving into the time of the year when our thoughts naturally turn inward and become more introspective. This is the time to start focusing on the internal changes we need to make, more than trying to change the world around us.

It’s time for the world to go to sleep for a few months, to get ready to explode again next spring.  Fall is here!

On September 29 the full moon will be in the sign of Aries, along with many other interesting planetary alignments.  The number one thing to be aware of is, this will be a very high energy time.  Beware of any emotional conflicts, or situations that are nearing their breaking point, since they may explode over the next few days.

As I said above, this is a time of introspection and turning inward, so this an excellent time to start making changes that you’ve been putting off…especially if it involves leaving toxic relationships or dissatisfying relationships.

Because of  unique alignment of the Moon and Uranus, you may find that your instincts are particularly sharp, as is your creative impulses.  Do your best to focus this energy on accomplishing something constructive, but do *not* be too eager to get into an argument, no matter how right it might seem at the time.  Try and steer clear of noisy crowded places and especially stressed out people!

Molly Hall summarizes the situation nicely:

“As Shakespeare wrote, ‘Action is eloquence.’ Under the just-do-it Full Moon Aries, what action can you take that sends a signal that you’re moving past fear? A small step, if it’s the right one, has the power to alter how you feel about what’s possible.”

“The universe supports you in surprising ways. Be clear with your intent, and open to superfast progress. Aries is about now and this Full Moon is about emerging into being here now.”

“Aries Full Moon Leitmotif-

•             Seeing where we’re passive or atrophied, and begin to move those muscles again.

•             Looking at where we’re dependent, and seek ways to be self-reliant, independent.

•             Seeking friends that encourage us to find our power, not wallow with us in disempowerment.

•             Taking note of how we ‘vibe’ with others — do they drain us or energize us?

•             Seeing which relationships are right for who you’re becoming, instead of who you’ve been.”

© Copyright 2012 Molly Hall. All Rights Reserved

This unique set of circumstances will never come again…make sure you make the most of it!

You are great, and I love you!
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