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Blue Moon…make the most of it!

All of us know that the position of the sun when we are born gives us our ‘birth sign’, such as Aries, Taurus, etc.  Some of us also know that the positions of the other planets at the time of our birth have a major impact on whom and what we are as well.

However, not everyone knows that this influence of the planets never actually stops. Just like the Moon affects the tides, the relative position of the Sun and other planets has a constantly changing effect on us.  The good news is, you can use this to your advantage, if you know how.

Because the full Moon occurs every 28 days, occasionally two full moons can fall in a single month; when this happens it is known as a ‘Blue Moon’.  August 2012 is such a  month, and our Blue Moon is the full Moon in Pisces, which becomes full at 9:58 AM EDT on Friday, August 31.  The energy of this event will begin to affect us all from around the 28th of the month, and should last all the way through the Labor Day weekend, and maybe even slightly beyond into next week.

The biggest thing to be aware of is that the full Moon in Pisces will probably give you really, really, strange dreams.  Don’t be surprised if you experience some of the most vivid dreams you have had in a long time, but be sure to pay extra special attention to them.  This is one of the best times your subconscious mind will have to communicate with you, and knowing how to understand your dreams will help you make the most of this time.

The Sun will have just moved into the constellation of Virgo, which means there is a very cautious and careful energy moving through us all.  This is good if it causes us to hold ourselves and others to a higher standard; but it is not good if we allow it to make us overly critical and nitpicky.

Mercury is in the sign of Leo, which can make us rigid and stubborn in our thinking; Mars is in Scorpio, which can make our likes and dislikes very strong and intense.  Venus is in Cancer which will make us all more affectionate; but if that affection isn’t returned it can make us clingy and aggressive.

So, what can you do to make use of all this energy?  You may have noticed a pattern of very strong emotions and sense of direction; if we use this to gain clarity and take action on things we’ve been putting off, it is a good thing.  If, however, we choose to give into the negative aspects of what is going on, it can lead to immature tantrums that we’ll have to spend the rest of the month trying to repair!

The biggest advantage you have during this time, is gaining clarity on exactly what it is that you want.  It will rarely be easier than this to do some soul searching and decide what you do and don’t want.  And as we talked about, your dreams are going to be sending you some clues.  And by the way, if it feels like your feelings are stronger than usual, and you even have an almost psychic insight into how other people are thinking and feeling, you are not going crazy: you do.  Bottom line: trust your instincts and follow your hunches…but if you find yourself acting like a baby or a bit of a Diva: STOP!

You are great, and I love you!
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