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Sup Dave! I’ve been suffering with no job for 1 year. Striving for my dream job and/or any other job just doesn’t work. Even tho i try out different ways to get money(on the internet) doesn’t work as well. What now?


Hello Dave! My Parents are using the LOA since the past 10 years, but when it comes to money it doesn’t work. I feel so sorry and afraid for them. They have so much debt that they don’t know what to do. Staying positive doesn’t help anymore. 🙁

We’ve talked extensively about the Law of Attraction and how to make it work for you already, so let us now talk about why it fails.

The answer is: it doesn’t.

The Law of Attraction does not, and can not fail, no more than gravity or magnetism can ‘fail’.
Then if the Law can’t fail, what is the problem? The Law can’t fail, but *we * can fail the Law.

We have already spoken about how to find your dream job, so that may be a goo place for you to start; but why the Law ‘isn’t working’ is a different answer.

First and foremost, define ‘isn’t working’!

Do you mean you’ve seen NO results? Or have you gotten results that were less than what you expected?
And with the jobs, have you not been getting call backs, or not getting the interview in the first place?

There is an important point here: the Law of Attraction isn’t a magic wand; it (probably) won’t miracle what you want into your lap. The Law is the software; your efforts are the hardware.
First and foremost, be absolutely clear on what it is you want, and why.
What is it that you want to do? What is your dream job, and how can you get paid to do it? Assuming you’ve tried the obvious solutions (craigslist, monster, a headhunting agency, etc.) then the follow up question is: what’s the next best thing?
Figure out exactly how much money you need to bring in (and the answer to the next question will help clarify that); once you know your bare minimum, then you can start looking for the closest thing to what you love. For instance, maybe you want to be a novelist, but the closest you can get is to being a transcriber for a law firm. But here’s the thing: it’s a start! You’re still getting paid to write!

If you are having trouble attracting what you want, first and foremost get clear on exactly what you want and why. In addition to that, focus on attracting smaller things more often to build up your faith in the Law; parking spaces and phone calls from friends are usually a good way to start manifesting, and will help you build up the proper enthusiasm.

Using the Law is like boiling water; it takes time to build to a boil, and EVERY time you allow yourself to become negative or lose confidence, it’s like turning off the heat. If you get back on course quickly, you don’t lose the built up energy. If you get disheartened at every bump in the road, that pot may never boil.

To answer the second question:
You say that staying positive doesn’t help anymore; hile you all are probably frustrated, being negative ABSOLUTELY won’t help.
How could it?
If they are having trouble attracting money into their lives, I would say one of two things is missing (if not both): first, why do they want it?
No one ever wants money; you want what they money will GET you. So what is it? Does money mean a bigger house, a nicer car, or something intangible like ‘freedom’? Whatever it is they really want the money for is what’s important; and even then, that’s not what they really want, either. What they want is how doing or having those things is going to make them *feel *. So if the goal is a sense of contribution, or excitement, or security and stability, focus on those feelings. Focus on every little thing in their lives that does or ever has made them feel that way; focus on the FEELINGS they are after, not the money.
The other possibility is, what are their beliefs about money, and wealthy people? If they are often critical of wealthy people, or say things like “they don’t need a house that big” or “no one needs to drive a car that expensive”, then don’t be surprised that you all suffer financially.
You can’t spend 99% of your time telling the Universe (and your own subconscious mind) that wealthy people are bad, and 1% asking the Universe to make you wealthy!

So be clear on what you want and why you want it, and be genuinely grateful not just for the abundance in your own life, but in the lives of others, too; the more you celebrate abundance, the more abundance will come into your life.

And again, remember: the Law is always working, 100% of the time; what you are receiving in your life is showing you how you really think and feel inside!

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You are great, and I love you!

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