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Yeah...some people are just Grumpy ;)

Questions submitted via Formspring:
“Hello. I am a recent college grad who still cannot find employment. I live with my parents and younger brother at home but they are all such negative people. Constantly angry and pessimistic it’s hard to stay positive in such an environment!”
“How does one train their expectations in order to manifest a wanted desire?”

We talked about both of these questions on a recent episode of my radio show, Rise UP with B. Dave Walters, but there is more to say about it.

The reason why these two questions are together here is because they speak to the same basic thing: training your expectations; more specifically, the fact that perception is reality.

Let’s look at little closer at the first question:

“I am a recent college grad who still cannot find employment.”  Still?  Why still?

Remember, everything lives in language; the implication by saying you ‘still’ can’t find employment shows you’ve built it up in your mind as some sort of burden you are bearing.   Even making a small change like saying “I haven’t found a job yet, but I am still looking” will make a BIG difference in how the situation occurs to you in your mind.

“…They are all such negative people; constantly angry and pessimistic….

They’re SUCH negative people? They’re constantly angry and pessimistic?  Are they ever cheerful ever, or at least neutral about anything?  If so, then they aren’t CONSTANTLY angry or pessimistic, are they?

Again, the way you phrased this reveals how you have built it up in your mind; your expectation is anger and pessimism, and so what you perceive is anger and pessimism.

It may be that their behavior has occasional, even frequent negative aspects to it, but you have to be aware of something important: you haven’t created the space for them to act any other way.

Remember, people’s words only have what power over you that you give them.

Like everyone else, they are dealing with their own baggage, issues, incompletions, and disappointments that they need to let go of, it really isn’t up to you to change that.   Even more than that, there is only one way you even CAN change it: and that is through your own example.  If you want them to be more positive, show them how; show them that their attitudes have no impact on you, and that you are always smiling with your head held high no matter what comes your way.

And that leads us to the second question:

You train your expectations, quite frankly by learning to expect the best!

As you can see above, there are always many different ways to look at something; you have to start training yourself to look at things in the most positive light possible.  I’ll let you in on a secret: there is ALWAYS a more positive light to see things in, even if it’s simply thanking God that things aren’t any worse.

Like anything, this is a habit that you have to form; the bad news is you’ve spent your whole life focusin on the negative.  But the good news is this habit is the number one quality of both highly enlightened people, and super geniuses!

Start off each day by thanking God / The Universe for everything you have, and all the things you are grateful for.  Then move on to giving thanks for all the wonderful things that are coming into your life, before they actually happen.  This is the real key to the Law of Attraction; to feel grateful and excited about things before they even arrive.
Some people say “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but the exact opposite is true: you’ll see it when you believe it.

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