A Reason to Smile

Let me start off with a couple of disclaimers here.
First, nobody KNOWS where we come from, or what happens when we die; firm belief is not the same as empirical knowledge. And in the vacuum of absolute knowledge, all we are left with are beliefs; or put another way, opinions. So my position is a simple one: believe whatever you like. As long as it fills you with peace and happiness, and isn’t hurting anyone else, keep doing it.

Second, most of my articles are written from a Judeo-Christian perspective, since it is how I was raised, and still is the most common in the world today. I am fully aware of how many other belief systems there are out there (and we’ll get into a lot of them), but for now I have to write for the largest audience.

Now, I had intended to take on Creationism today, considering I already took on Scientism here but I decided to climb that mountain on another day. Suffice it to say, anyone who has any questions can shoot me an email and we’ll talk.

Instead I’d like to talk about another relatively new trend: labeling oneself “spiritual, but not religious”. The implication is usually of some sort of elevated spiritual perception that puts them above the ‘sheep’ of Organized Religion.

On the surface this is quite noble; and my own spiritual leanings put a person’s inner discovery of God above all else. Unfortunately, people who have rejected mainstream religion usually seem to do so out of a sense of rebellion against their past, rather than a genuine spiritual blossoming.

For example, in speaking with my anti-Christian brothers and sisters (as opposed to simply non-Christians) I usually find their break with the Church came after some form of ill treatment at the hands of allegedly Christian people. Or, the undeniable hypocrisy we see played out in the world by people using Scripture to justify hatred, intolerance, murder and war.
But I would submit that you can’t judge Christianity, or any Faith on the merits of it’s followers. No one has the market cornered on what God wants, and that is assuming God wants anything! I find all too often being “spiritual, but not religious” is a cop-out; an easy excuse to avoid the hard questions of life. Of course, each individual has to decide in their own heart and mind why they feel how they do, but in this life there is only one thing I can say for absolute certain: God is worth the effort.

There is nothing you can accomplish in this world more important than forming a relationship with your Creator, whatever that looks like. Maybe you’ll be a church going Christian, a Temple visiting Jew, or a fire-worshiping Zoroastrian. Maybe your “church” will be a quiet walk in the woods…whatever gets you that inner connection is the path you should follow.

Take the time to ‘wrestle with God’. Pick up that dusty old Bible, Qu’ran, or Bhagavad Gita and crack it open; let the timeless wisdom flow through you. Open your heart and mind to the Infinite and It will open up to you.

Does that make sense?

What do you think? Feel free to comment down below!

You are great, and I love you!
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