A Prescription for Healthy Living

A Prescription for Healthy Living

Healthy Skin Can Be Yours at Any Age

It is never too late to develop and incorporate good skin care habits into your daily regimen. This does not necessarily mean you have to upgrade to pricey products, or even add 50 steps to your morning and night time routine. The negative effects that aging can have on a person’s skin are many, and the older we get the more prominent they become. For instance, collagen production begins to slow down once we reach our 40s. Coupled with this natural process is the damage that occurs over the course of time due to an extended exposure to harmful ultra-violet rays. Additionally, chemical and free radical damage from environmental factors such as pollution can speed up the aging process. Before we break down the skin care components necessary to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion at each stage in your life, it is important to mention that good sunscreen is a necessity at any age. Let’s face it: Your skin will not look as radiant at 50 as it did at 20 during the height of the summer due to continuous exposure to powerful UV rays.


The 20s

Your 20s is a good time to begin an anti-aging skin care regimen, focusing primarily on prevention. At this stage in your life, you may still be dealing with periodic acne breakouts, so it is important to keep the number of products you use to a minimum in order to avoid further irritation to the skin. Choose products that contain mild ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that will infuse water into the skin without clogging your pores. Apply sunscreen to the skin after cleansing and prior to moisturizing.

The 30s

The 30s may bring in its own set of problems. For instance, melasma is a skin condition in which sun damage causes areas of brown discoloration. Choose products that are designed to brighten the skin as well as encourage cell turnover, such as retinol and alpha-hydroxy acid. Continue to use a mild cleanser. If you have oily skin, consider using a cleanser that doubles as an exfoliator. A sonic cleansing machine may help maximize results, as well as exfoliating once a week with a product containing glycolic or salicylic acid.


The 40s

In your 40s, you may start to notice an increase in the appearance of, as well as number of, fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The 40s is typically known as the perimenopausal period; therefore, estrogen levels will begin to taper off, resulting in increased dryness. Keep skin moisturized in the morning and evening times with collagen-building ingredients such as peptides. Mild peels and laser treatments are also excellent ways to even out the complexion.

The 50s

In your 50s, the biggest skin issue you will face is the loss of collagen and sagging skin. In addition to products containing retinols, peptides, and powerful moisturizers, you might consider asking your dermatologist whether laser treatments are a viable option for your skin type. These procedures are non-invasive and can make the biggest impact on the skin. Skin tightening treatments such as Thermage CPT can also lift, tighten, and contour the skin on your face, the delicate skin around your eyes, as well as the skin on your arms and legs. Patients who use this product have reported a 10% increase in the tightness of their skin, while maximum tightening results were achieved after using the product for at least six months.


It is never too late to turn back the hands of time. If you are a sun-worshiper, take into consideration that you may look great now, but the real damage caused by harsh ultra-violet rays will really only begin to show twenty years down the road. Continual sun exposure when we are young can age us 10-15 years when we are older.

Advances are being made daily in terms of science and medicine. The products we have today were not available to our moms and grandmothers. When caring for our skin today, it is vital to select products that contain moisturizing properties as well as peptides, caffeine, antioxidants, and retinol. These ingredients will encourage collagen production, and also reduce the production of harmful enzymes that can speed up the aging process.

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    This is a great post! Thank you for sharing this information in such a comprehensive post by separating the age groups. You are truly helping your readers out by giving tips on better skin care. I just started Microdermabrasion, which has left my skin looking great. The size of my pores have decreased and I got that 20yr old glow back in my skin. I will be sure to share this blog to my friends.

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  • Jill

    Great read. I’m about to enter my 40s and your article is a timely reminder as it says that I should moisturise more!

  • Gwen Moye

    I in a new fight with my skin because as I age my skin is becoming dryer as opposed to when I was younger my skin was very oily. Now I need products that will work with dry skin.

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