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“Do we stay Christians because of the feeling of fellowship we have with the Lord or is it because we trust in Jesus?” I read an article this morning that related to what many of my friends are going through […]

If you could do anything  What would it be?  We were all asked this question in Kindergarden.  I know my answer has changed since then, as many of ours has.  I can recall my little brother saying that he wanted […]

Obviously we are at the peak of the political season.  I had promised myself I wouldn’t get involved via Facebook but a few nights ago I felt compelled to say something.  Just a disclaimer:  I have no intention of starting […]

I saw this new surfing movie last night and it really put some things into perspective for me.  The main character, Jay just has such a giving heart.  Reflecting on this movie, there were 4 points that were re-emphasized for […]