Aperture of Light

“So, I skate. And do you know what matters when I skate? Not dying or getting severly hurt. If that doesnt focus your mental energy, I dont know what will. And for those with lots of mental energy (brains that are always going and thinking and reflecting and ruminating and deciding), there is a peace and a silence and a place of rest in stepping outside of that. I am also rarely alone, and I miss out on intimate time with God because of that. There is joy in the solitude of having just myself, my board, and my God (and that pavement whizzing by).” – Kester


Longboarding (or any sport really) is such an amazing way to just free yourself.  Whenever I was stressed or needed to think, I grabbed my board and took a spin around campus.  I came back feeling refreshed and ready to handle anything.  See, when you do something like skate or paint or anything where you are alone with your thoughts, you can really let God take over, and speak to you.  When we stop trying to fix everything ourselves and just let God be God, our healer and provider, we cannot go wrong!


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