Aperture of Light

The ocean is where I feel empowered and renewed by God the most.  I am drawn to it, in the same way that I am drawn to God.  Times when I need answers or feel too overwhelmed, I go sit and stare at the mighty ocean, the representation of God that overwhelms my soul.

It is gentle and soothing, yet powerful and authoritative.  You cannot control it and it can sweep you away at its liking.  You fear it, yet you cannot take your eyes from it.  It’s beauty overwhelms and transforms you.

I believe God shows me more of who He is when He takes me to the ocean.  I can hear His voice in the crashing waves and I have had many a questions answered there.

After graduation, God lead me back home, 123 miles from the ocean.  That may not seem like a lot to some, but I had been 10 minutes away.  That has been a new challenge, but I am content in knowing that God led me here for a reason, perhaps to show me more of Himself in other things.  I pray that He will lead me back one day soon, but I know that He has a purpose for everything.






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