Aperture of Light

I went to Kohl’s today.  If you have ever been in one of these department stores you will immediately notice the music.  This is not because it is good, but because it is loud!  As, I walked around and had no choice but to listen to it, I noticed that a lot of the lyrics of the songs that I was hearing had a common theme.  They were all about “how can I find happiness?” or “I just want to know that I’ll be okay, can you promise me that?” or “show me that I will be happy ten years from now, because I’m not now”.  That made me sad.  Most of the shoppers in this store are young girls.  Women that are looking for meaning in life and often find it in the wrong places.  I just wanted to tell them, there is a way to be genuinely fulfilled!  A way to have real joy, as opposed to momentary “happiness”.  There is a God who wants to fill the hole in your heart, to mend your brokenness and tell you everything will be okay.


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