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I had planned to post a series of essays on how we as Pagans can look at the horrors around us and see that they do not reflect badly on the sacred. However, several of my readers expressed concerns over […]

The issue of initiation in modern America was a major theme yesterday in a book group to which I belong.  We had been discussing  Barry Spector’s Madness at the Gates of the City. Spector uses a Jungian polytheistic approach to […]

I just read a delightful (in a black humored sort of way) post up at Balloon Juice.  It offers a way to calculate the number of “crazies” on the political right, people for whom no fact or logic will work […]

UPDATE I & II As I have been reading discussions about what happened in Arizona, over and over again those on the right or those not wanting to admit we have a genuine problem in this country claim Jared Loughner […]

Bees are under considerable threat these days, and we are not sure whether it is due to one or two pathogens  or maybe to a complex series of interrelationships. Two recent discussions of possibly very complex relations are in Wired […]

F. A. Hayek, a famous but little understood economist sheds light on one of the scandals of our time.  There is a well deserved outrage building over the current Pope’s blaming “the 1970s” for rampant pedophilia and child molestation by Vatican […]

This post addresses some questions readers asked in a previous one.   Today a majority of Americans are thoroughly fed up with both major parties, with the Republicans even more than with the Democrats.  Yet these toxic dinosaurs run no […]

Barack Obama has provided a lesson in American reality to many people who once thought the Democrats were still in some sense like the Democrats who passed Civil Rights legislation and earlier, the New Deal.  That party died.  It was […]

Trust me – there is a connection Every other Wednesday I spend the morning in a kind of salon where a bunch of us get together to discuss various aspects of science.  One is a retired physicist, another a geologist, […]

Human life differs from the rest of earthly life in one crucial respect: biological evolution has largely taken second place to cultural evolution.  Cultural evolution enables adaptations within a single generation that would take thousands of generations if brought about […]