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It is so very easy to get caught up in the organized sociopathy that is characteristic of so much politics and organized ‘religion’.  A walk in nature is one of the best correctives.  But that is not always possible.  This […]

Today is Earth Day, and For the first time many in modern America decided to honor their home and make a personal commitment to protect it.  Some have kept that commitment. Most of the powers that be, Democratic and Republican, […]

Bolivia is preparing to boldly go where no one has gone before, although Ecuador started the ball rolling.  Asof this writing Ecuador is on the verge of passing a kind of Bill of Rights for Nature, a series of laws called […]

I just spent a few nights camping out at Pinnacles National Monument, far away from computers, cell phones, and the news.  It was wonderful, both being in nature and not beimg connected to the news or technology beyond basic camping […]

Sabina Magliocco brought this site on prairie dog language up on her Facebook site.  It’s great.   Turns out that a whole lot more is going on with prairie dogs than any Westerner ever thought. And if this is true for […]

I have been struggling with better understanding what Karen Armstrong calls mythos in her book The Battle for God, on religious fundamentalism worldwide.  I think it is essential towards developing a deeper appreciation of what Pagan spirituality brings to the spiritual […]

The apparent frequency of animals eating entheogens is really fascinating to me.  It strengthens my suspicion that what our society calls “normal” consciousness is as deficient as a diet without certain crucial vitamins.  Life continues, but is crippled.  To a […]

I have just read about a delightful report that reindeer and other animals as well eat mushrooms to get high.  Having done the same myself (and seen colors that are not on the spectrum) I can only nod in approval. […]

Trust me – there is a connection Every other Wednesday I spend the morning in a kind of salon where a bunch of us get together to discuss various aspects of science.  One is a retired physicist, another a geologist, […]

It’s been hard to concentrate on this blog since I returned from Utah.  Really hard.  While the trip, like any trip with a 9 year old, was not without its aggravations, being immersed in such powerful, beautiful and peaceful land was […]