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On Memorial Day I drove down to Marin County to meet with a number of representatives from other religions to discuss what we might be able to do together to promote a more sustainable relationship with the earth.  We were […]

During last year’s Parliament for World Religions a dispute arose over whether Pagans were properly considered indigenous religions.  One person prominent in our community insisted he qualified by virtue of his membership in a “FamTrad,” that is, a family held […]

This blog is an active participant in the Culture War being waged in the US.  But I often find myself in a strange position, as many other Pagans likely do.  I frequently seem to shift sides.  I want to describe […]

The wonderful Pagan singer, Celia, came to Sonoma County yesterday.  While readers of this blog know I admire her work, we had never met.  However she had emailed me she would be singing at a meeting of Catholics concerned with […]

The question of who is or is not a “real Christian” has come up in this blog.  It’s my own fault, for I’ve tried to distinguish between Christianity and the devil worship that masquerades under its name in the religious […]

The recent plethora of books by militant atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens is beginning to generate a good deal of return fire from people writing within the Christian tradition, either as sophisticated adherents or writers […]

Earth Day is approaching, and while I want to honor it, today I was sent a link to an article that suggests honoring Earth day would be a mistake.  The author, Bradley Doucet, repeats standard attacks from various kinds of […]

When I was reading Starhawk’s argument  for why the Pope should apologize, for past crimes by the Catholic Church, I was bothered by a key paragraph  that raised other issues.  When I wrote my piece in response  to David Gibson’s […]

Starhawk called upon Pope Benedict to apologize to Witches and other Pagans for past Church actions against Pagans and women in today’s Washington Post.  In response David Gibson at Pontifications Blog   here at Beliefnet pointed out that she was behind […]

When I blogged on Rowan’s suggestion, I was not sure what would happen.  I am delighted.  I’ve learned a lot.  (Thanks, Rowan!)   I was struck in particular with one comment made in a response to my last post, a […]