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Anne Hill has a good review of a worthy new Pagan book that helps us find grounds for good living that are not rooted in someone else’s commandment:, The Other Side of Virtue, by Brendan Myers.  Check it out, […]

Joyce and River Higgenbotham have written a new book, ChristoPaganism,  that I think will interest any Pagan concerned with the broader boundaries of our community, or any Christian interested in the long-term compatibility of Pagan and Christian spirituality.

For Pagan bookworms, if you do not have Sabina Magliocco’s Neo-Pagan Sacred Art & Altars: Making Things Whole, it is now available at a super sale  by her publisher, the University of Mississippi Press.  Normally $50, it is now $15 […]

Trying to integrate spirituality and politics as this blog attempts gets frustrating.  Real frustrating.  Politics is a little context compared to spirit, but it can so easily come to dominate our attention. It’s sort of like when I hit my […]

Nature poetry is important in helping us reconnect with the living earth, an experience even some Pagans have not personally experienced (yet). National Poetry Month is a fine time to reflect on this, and share some poems.   Our society […]

It is National Poetry Month and some have suggested I offer my favorite poem on this blog.  I have a small number of favorite poems, and a strong preference for a particular type of poem, ones that meld us with […]

While I suspect Iowa’s Supreme Court ruling went well beyond the current moral capacities of many of that state’s citizens, their unanimous ruling establishing the right of gay marriage is a wonderful one.  And as usual, the culture warriors are […]

I have just finished Linda Hogan’s Dwellings.  Hers is not a new book.  It appeared in 1995, and I missed it then. I have been the poorer for my oversight.  I stumbled across it in a bookstore -and picked it […]

Pagans stand in an interesting relationship to Christians and Secularists.  Because we focus on the Sacred as it manifests in the world, we do not have the problems with science and knowledge of the world that the Christian Church has […]

This morning a friend of mine in Denmark wrote asking me what I thought of an article titled ‘Wicca Infiltrates the Churches,’ by Catherine Edwards.  Its author is quite alarmed at what she sees as unchristian influences seeking to undermine […]