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For Pagan bookworms, if you do not have Sabina Magliocco’s Neo-Pagan Sacred Art & Altars: Making Things Whole, it is now available at a super sale  by her publisher, the University of Mississippi Press.  Normally $50, it is now $15 […]

Years ago I came across the following poem, by J. L. Stanley.  I no longer remember quite how I came across it, but have always been grateful I did.  I want to share it now.. When they ask to see […]

Nature poetry is important in helping us reconnect with the living earth, an experience even some Pagans have not personally experienced (yet). National Poetry Month is a fine time to reflect on this, and share some poems.   Our society […]

It is National Poetry Month and some have suggested I offer my favorite poem on this blog.  I have a small number of favorite poems, and a strong preference for a particular type of poem, ones that meld us with […]

 Yesterday I went again to the wonderful Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, long the largest cathedral in the world, and still number three, after St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s.  When it was built, all of an admittedly smaller Florence […]

 I am staying in an old monastery just below the hill town of Fiesole, a longish walk up the hill from Florence, Italy. Luxurious by the standards of those who long lived here, my small room has a single bed […]

One of the oldest extant Pagan myths is that of the Goddess Inanna’s descent into the Underworld, where She encounters Her sister, Ereshkigal. It has long been a favorite of many within the Pagan community as well as with practitioners […]

Years ago I ran a small company selling my artwork on stationery, envelopes, and note cards, along with occasional prints. It grew until I was marketing in many western national parks and stationery stores. I also sold at art and […]

For many years I supported myself as an artist. It’s how I got my Ph.D. without a mountain of debt. Before I turned my site into a blog it had a link to many of my favorite pen and ink […]