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This is an important press release, and while I will be far away overseeing an academic conference, I hope any readers in the area will help support this effort. Silver Spring, MD, October 19th, 2011   Priestesses and priests from the […]

I received two identical chain mail emails over the past couple of days, emails supposedly inspired by Warren Buffet.  But the Buffet chain email is a hoax that actually, if implemented would make the problem it addresses worse, and for […]

How does the current worldwide focus on bringing the ultra-wealthy banksters and corporations under more effective control relate to traditional spiritual concerns, particularly Pagan ones? Quite directly, actually.

The OWS movement has triggered worldwide support, most ll of it peaceful and likely in the hundreds of thousands.  There were 951 demonstrations planned in 81 countries.  Worldwide corporate aristocracy has triggered worldwide solidarity.  A site that gives a sense […]

Both petitions are to the White House.  In my view Obama has neither the bravery nor the integrity to do much, but the publicity is important. You have to get a White House password, but that seems no big deal. […]

In what might prove to be one of the most important inventions of the past 100 years, Andrea Rossi’s claim to have a functioning cold fusion reactor appears to have  passed important tests.  Stay tuned.  f this thing is real […]

Are there any public Samhain gatherings around there the night of the 31st?

Chris Hedges has written one of the most sensitive and insightful analyses of what is currently happening in New York, and across the country.  I urge everyone to read it and follow it up with Paul Krugman’s piece as well.  […]

Today I read two thought provoking pieces that cross traditional divides while addressing key issues in environmental thought. In both cases I think a Pagan sensibility brings new and valuable insights to the table.

I just discovered that at the same time the corporate media was covering the protests in Egypt that led to Hosni Mubarack’s well deserved departure 350,000 Israelis, Jewish, Christian, and Palestinian alike, were protesting the corruption and worse by the […]