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Memorial Day in recent years has been a more than usually bittersweet honoring of those who served their country at the cost of their lives in wartime.

My old friend Mi Robin linked to a fantastic video on Facebook about the efforts of some bigots to prevent an Islamic mosque in Murfreesboro Tennessee.  But if that was all it was about I’d not link to it.  We […]

This blog has been quieter of late, though perhaps the posts have been a bit more in depth.  I have been taking a vacation from the constant current events reporting on the nihilists to the right because it’s become clear […]

UPDATE below As I was writing my promised discussion of spiritual evil I found myself being drawn more and more into an amazing series of incidents that took place during the 1980s. I was a complete newbie in matters Pagan […]

It is so very easy to get caught up in the organized sociopathy that is characteristic of so much politics and organized ‘religion’.  A walk in nature is one of the best correctives.  But that is not always possible.  This […]

One of the biggest lies being told by David Barton and other dishonest hacks in the so-called ‘christian’ right about our nation’s Founders was that they thought of freedom of religion in purely Christian terms.  They did not and made […]

Ryan Benson when closing his blog over at Patheos sent a challenge out to his religious readers: “convince me God exists.” Benson is an atheist. Star, who is doing wonderful work for us Pagans at Patheos, suggested Pagans respond, and […]

Thermal sent me an email including some magick he is working in response to bin Laden’s death.  I pass it on.  I think his message is a wise one.  I am working on a lengthy post on the spiritual dimension […]

The fetid mess of nihilism and sadism that masquerades as “conservative” morality is strutting with more than its usual vulgarity this week.  Adopting Karl Rove’s strategy of attacking your opponents strengths through incessant lying, they are saying torture helped us […]

Some of my readers might be wondering why I have been so supportive of many Muslims against their critics during the past few years.  Certainly Muslim countries are not good places to be Pagan and I would not choose to […]