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I was inspired to write this blog by Steve Weinstein’s post on Crooks and Liars. There he observed “I live in the middle of Los Angeles. Gay people are everywhere and considered as normal as anyone else. Black people too. […]

As in so many earlier years, I will spend Saturday night in Berkeley so as to be up before dawn, drive up to Inspiration Point in Tilden Park, and watch Berkeley Morris  dance up the sun.  Whenever I’ve been in northern […]

The efforts of professional Catholic Bill Donohue and his Catholic League to gin up a new “war on Christianity” shtick is pretty funny from a Pagan perspective. He makes up stories about kids not being able to call the eggs […]

Today is Earth Day, and For the first time many in modern America decided to honor their home and make a personal commitment to protect it.  Some have kept that commitment. Most of the powers that be, Democratic and Republican, […]

A Muslim friend just sent me an interesting discussion of France’s outlawing of the veil. It suggests just how complicated things can get when the intricacies of individual choice and values combined with deeply rooted cultural attitudes.  Given my earlier […]

Bolivia is preparing to boldly go where no one has gone before, although Ecuador started the ball rolling.  Asof this writing Ecuador is on the verge of passing a kind of Bill of Rights for Nature, a series of laws called […]

Last night I drive to Sonoma to hear John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and of a number of other books, give a talk sponsored by the Praxis Peace Institute.  The audience was filled with people more […]

If undeserved suffering is not a sign of imperfection in nature, or of an immanent divine being less than good, what are we to make of human misbehavior and malice? Whether at the retail level of people deliberately hurting one […]

I just spent a few nights camping out at Pinnacles National Monument, far away from computers, cell phones, and the news.  It was wonderful, both being in nature and not beimg connected to the news or technology beyond basic camping […]

From within a modern Western framework, we understand life as gradually developing from simple cells to multi-cellular organisms and then to ever more differentiated beings, ultimately including ourselves.  At times natural catastrophes have set back the abundance of earthly life […]