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Historically there has been a significant link between Pagans and libertarians.  One of the earliest Pagan organizations, the Church of All Worlds, was inspired in significant part by libertarian science fiction author Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land.  Some […]

I have begun reading a wonderful book, David Abram’s Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology. No book I have ever encountered does as good a job of describing what it is like to be fully aware of our immersion in the […]

Weeks ago I was called by Jane Mayer, a writer for The New Yorker asking me questions about the Koch (pronounced ‘Coke’) brothers Charles and David.  She was doing an investigative piece on their political influence, had seen my Beliefnet […]

He sees the big picture and the details.

Anyone thinking that the organized opposition to the Islamic Cultural Center in New York is motivated by anything more noble than hatred and bigotry should take a look at the video of yesterday’s demonstration in New York by people who […]

Someday the more rabid elements within Christianity may come to respect the constitution,  individuals, spirituality, and the American people.   But not yet. Soldiers stationed in Virginia were punished for not attending a performance by the Christian rock group BarlowGirl  as […]

Jon Stewart, as usual, talks more sense with more humor than almost anyone in the country.

The current uproar over mosques and American Muslims is reminding me of my first serious encounter with a religion towards which I had considerable hostility: Christianity. And how I finally overcame it while remaining 100% Pagan.

Well well well – our “combat troops” have been removed from Iraq and the war is over.   50,000 “advisers’?  Give me a break.  They exist to prop up the government; essentially like a Roman garrison.   The war will  be […]

Hopefully this statement by Ted Olson, the chief attorney for George Bush in Bush vs. Gore and leading Republican lawyer, whose wife died when the plane she was on crashed into the Pentagon, will put the coup de grace on […]