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I’m soon moving to a place with many fine gardens shared with people who are open to the magickal side of nature.  I am already imagining returning to the way I gardened here years ago, when I had the land […]

Not quite a year ago I decided to offer a Wicca 101 class  here in Sonoma County.  Its focus was “generic British Traditional Wicca.”  Not Gardnerian or any other particular British tradition, but one in harmony with their basic approaches. […]

UPDATE below Wikileaks, (, the group that exposed the government’s (both Bush and Obama’s) secrecy and lies over the Afghan War is an astounding step forward in the internet’s capacity to promote freedom and offset the power of politics and […]

Lady Argante, High Priestess of the coven Daoine Sidhe,will be teaching a British Traditional Wicca 101 class at the Sacred Well in Oakland. The class will meet every Wednesday evening at 7 pm starting on September 15, and ending on […]

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a wedding that wonderfully integrated Pagan and more traditional motifs, held within a redwood grove, not far from where I live.  The ceremony was a subtle interweaving of magickal and shamanic […]

Daily Kos has a fascinating story on the rapid increase in whooping cough cases in California in 2004, a spike apparently correlated county by county with the number of children whose parents chose not to have them vaccinated.  This increase  […]

Children are increasingly victims of witchcraft accusations in Africa, egged on by some but by no means all Christian leaders there. (Indeed, this story was provided to me by a Evangelical Christian). Witchcraft, which is  understood there and in many […]

I try and try to find a hint of decency in  modern ‘conservatism’s’ spokespeople.  I really do.  I started life out as a conservative myself – my earliest political involvement was in supporting Barry Goldwater as a high school student […]

As the evidence accumulates of criminal negligence, along with obvious abuses of power, obsessive dishonesty, and even intervening in terrorist issues to sacrifice justice in order to make money it becomes increasingly clear that BP should be put to death.   […]

Lammas, or Lughnasad, is fast approaching.  As long as I have been Pagan I have had a special fondness for this Sabbat.  For me it speaks to the essential mystery of life more eloquently than the others.  On the one […]