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Earlier this week I was down visiting Pagan friends in the Bay Area.  Our conversation  ranged over a lot of topics, as it always does.  This time we ended up discussing a discovery that had surprised a close friend when […]

Al Franken gave a thoughtful and disturbing speech to the American Constitution Society on the legal and moral bankruptcy of the Federalist Society and ‘conservative’ jurisprudence.  Anyone who believes that ‘conservatism’ as it currently exists has anything to do with […]

The growing crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, caused by BP, coming on the heels of Massey Energy’s crimes in America’s coal fields  and our rape of Iraq bring us face to face with the question of whether we have […]

The issues raised by some of Hanna Rosin’s critics, including the much respected and admired Echdine, forced me to study The End of Men with questions somewhat different than I first did.  The result was worth it, and far too […]

I have just read and then printed out for further study a fascinating article Stephan Schwarz alerted me to by Hanna Rosin on “The End of Men.”  The article starts out with an account of the strange things now happening […]

Beon Wesan has made a lot of mostly enigmatic or incoherent posts over the past day or so.  I have a suspicion that Beon is a computer application – or someone who reads a post just enough to be able […]

UPDATE below This week’s primaries reveal a fascinating division appearing within both major political parties.  In the process I hope one truth has finally become clear to any progressively minded American, and I would hope to any Pagan who has […]

Maybe so.

The Catholic Church has no lock on covering up for sexual depravity.  A fifteen year old girl raped by her church’s deacon and then forced by her pastor to apologize for being raped to her church’s congregation? 

June 5 is World Environment Day.  A majority of the population cares about the environment, both here and internationally, but those with power do not, and keep us all in thrall to technologies and methods that make matters progressively worse. […]