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Every American – every human being — should listen to this woman.  Listen closely – she has a Louisiana accent unlike the paid liars in most of the mainstream media so we northerners need to listen closely.  It’s worth it.  Here is some text but her speech is where it’s at. 

Glibertarians and other corporate apologists should ponder what our new sociopathic aristocracy has in mind for us whenever human beings get in their way. Kindra knows first hand.
For those of you who have trouble with her accent and the recording, or who want to get a thumbnail of her words, “Marinara” a commentator at 2:20 the 25th  over at Firedog Lake just posted a very nice brief description of Arnesan’s talk.  With many thanks to Marinara for a good condensation, here are the highlight below the fold.  I also just found what appears to be a good transcript of her talk.  The person who did it spent three hours doing so – felt it was that important.  I agree. 

She’s some kind of community rep. for plaquemines parish, she’s part of the fishing community and she said

1. kids are getting rashes, ear infections, respiratory distress
2. BP uses “ballon and pony” as a codeword to hide the lack of action, they send out workers out for a few minutes in order to give the image of a cleanup when officials arrive on location
3. BP won’t allow respirators period.
4. There is a media blackout
5. On days with warnings for oil washing up she’s gone for a hundred miles of coast without seeing any cleanup
6. There’s virtually no booming, they put it out for show, and take it in.
7. BP has systematically lied about workers health. The case of hospitalization went through several phases, first they said food poisoning, then after that lie failed, they cited use of “pine-sol”
8. There is a media blackout as professional news pieces seem to be taken down soon after they appear.
9. living in plaquemines parish is a health hazard
10. BP is currently working to cut more costs and cut more workers.
11. BP is in charge of coast guard + NOAA efforts
12. personal testimony by the lady about oil slicks and fish kills

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