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One of the most important dimensions of spiritualities rooted in Sacred Immanence is that any feature of our unfallen world has its sacred dimension.  I was reminded of this fact when looking up the history of Samhain in Ronald Hutton’s […]

While I think president Obama’s obsession with bipartisanship is an error and a weakness, he has pulled off a rare success against the military-industrial-congressional complex with his defense budget.  Whether it’s a false dawn, time will tell.  I hope I […]

The commercialization of Christmas has rightly bothered many Christians, but my take on the commercialization of Halloween is more benign. The past few decades have seen an extraordinary explosion of Halloween kitsch, usually of the cheapest plastic employing the crudest […]

This issue has repeatedly arisen on this blog, perhaps because people think, mistakenly, that I am an ‘ultra liberal.’  The issue arose most recently as a question for the special Beliefnet post I am developing.  I won’t use it for […]

I have just returned from a wonderful road trip to Utah’s canyon and natural arch country in and near Arches National Park  and the Anasazi ruins in and near Mesa Verde National Park.    A wonderful trip it was, though […]

Glenn Greenwald has a disturbing wrap up of Obama’s cover-up of Bush’s war crimes and his assertions, under his pretty rhetoric, that he can do the same.  Traditional Obama supporters such as the New York Times and The Nation are […]

At Samhain we confront that mystery, and honor it.  In contrast to most earlier Pagan traditions, most NeoPagans do not spend much time honoring their ancestors.  Samhain is our most fitting opportunity to do so.  Usually we have pictures on […]

Some people and what they call their ‘religion’ never change.  See the Wild Hunt for the details. With thanks to Cheryl.

The question of who is or is not a “real Christian” has come up in this blog.  It’s my own fault, for I’ve tried to distinguish between Christianity and the devil worship that masquerades under its name in the religious […]

Thankfully genuine Christians are finally intervening.  I wish them well. And I hope there is never a case of moderns claiming to be Pagans acting as the ‘witch’ killers have, and that if it does happen, that our community intervenes […]