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Lammas, or Lughnasadh,  is one of the most important Pagan Sabbats, midway between Beltane and Samhain.  Here are some ideas for two Lammas rituals you might want to try if you have no other gathering to attend.  Even if you […]

After the God of Death, why not the Whale of Life?

Lammas, or Lughnasad, has always been one of my favorite Sabbats. It is celebrated from July 31 to August 2, generally, and we are fortunate this year that all the dates are on the weekend. Lammas is the first and […]

The many murders by self-described ‘pro-life’ supporters are only the down payment in deaths of real people rather than zygotes if those who want to ban all kinds of abortion have their way. Lots more dead people now in the […]

A number of people have suggested I was unfair to Sam Harris in criticizing his attack on Frances Collins.  Below I reprint his column from the NYT, inserting at key points comments showing I am very far from being unfair.  […]

Sam Harris  has a column in today’ New York Times objecting to Obama’s naming Francis Collins  director of NIH.  He objects solely because Collins is a Evangelical Christian.  

Huffpost has provided an important account of the human cost to Americans of turning control over our health provision to sociopathic corporations.

After huffing and puffing that he would still frequently vote against the Democrats, new “Democrat” Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania, has fallen into line.  Understanding why gives a whiff of hope for the future.

“Ex-Pagan” managed to get a lot of confusions and errors into a short snark in the ancestor thread, but by doing so raised an interesting issue. Ancestors are not Gods in any tradition to my knowledge.  But they are potentially […]

  Caroline Kenner has a guest blog over at Wild Hunt, and has provided a fascinating post on the ancestors .   Kenner raises an issue that I think has been under addressed in our community.