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I am amazed that I have heard so little as to why the purely private option no longer works for medical insurance and never will again.  The reason lies in the very logic of capitalism and the market.  While right […]

I’ve just finished Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce’s  new book, Wild Justice: the Moral Lives of Animals.  Theirs is a wonderful book that in less than 200 pages has deeply changed how I look at our other-than-human neighbors on our […]

Last week I went with a Pagan friend to the Marin Interfaith Council’s meeting, to hear Barbara McGraw give a talk on church and state in America.  McGraw is author of Rediscovering America’s Sacred Ground,  a very good discussion of […]

The forgiveness thread Cheryl started is a wonderful one, and I want to give it special placement.  Forgiveness is a fascinating topic.  I have a remarkable story that offers an inspiring perspective on that issue.

This is open to whomever to bring up whatever.

From an Iranian student on her blog.  Look for 3:09 PM. “I will participate in the demonstrations tomorrow. Maybe they will turn violent. Maybe I will be one of the people who is going to get killed. I’m listening to […]

This weekend marks Midsummer, the Summer Solstice celebration.  Pagans of many different types will be celebrating Summer Solstice 2009 in small and large groups across our country.  Because we focus on the Sacred as immanent in our world, everything that […]

I was intrigued with the finding in the Pew poll that those Americans who did NOT go to church were the most opposed to torture.  Over 60 percent of white evangelical Protestants supported torture, the highest percent of ll groups […]

Franklin Evans in commenting on the last post suggested I host a discussion of what these words mean because he says they are often confused by people. Perhaps they are.  Let’s see,

We now have quite strong statistical evidence that conservative Republicans are way out of step with the rest of the country with regard to how they see empathy as a virtue.  Daily Kos commissioned two polls, with fascinating findings, here  […]