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A few weeks ago I warned that the violent rhetoric of the culture warriors would lead to deaths, and that right wing terrorism was the chief terrorist threat to many Americans.  I am sad but hardly surprised  to report that […]

Senator Carl Levine has called Dick Cheney a liar for claiming classified documents demonstrate torture saved American lives.  The Senator, who is Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he has seen the documents Cheney is always referring to, […]

This week is an anniversary.  A year ago I got up one morning, and felt a little light headed in a way that was unfamiliar.  For some reason I wondered at the time whether it might be a stroke, and […]

It just gets worse and worse.  According to Retired Major Gen. Antonio Taguba, who oversaw the U.S. investigation into the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison, and who ought to know, the suppressed torture photos include pictures of men raping female […]

When I first was made to know, in no uncertain terms, that the earth and everything in it was vastly more sentient than I had ever imagined, I looked long and hard for writings that could shed more light on […]

The first open thread is wonderful.  I will try and stay out of these open threads, but occasionally ‘mine’ some themes for my own purposes.  This is one of them. I want to reverse one of the arguments given by […]

Jason over at Wild Hunt has some very good insights on why every Pagan should be thrilled with Sonia Sotomayer‘s selection for the Supreme Court.  Jason’s post is up to his usual excellent standards – give it a read and […]

Recent discoveries about bird intelligence after so many many years of people knowing we were the only tool users and making it a definition for being human are great evidence for how what we “know” blinds us to what is.  […]

Alternet just added more insight to the mentality of those who led us into war in Iraq.  Turns out that Rumsfeld’s juicy little Biblical quotes juxtaposed with American firepower in his memos to Bush were part of a bigger pattern.  […]

That’s right.  You are in charge – let’s see what happens. If it works into an interesting discussion or discussions, I’ll do it once a week.  So if there is an issue relevant to Pagans that you’d like to see […]