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For Pagan bookworms, if you do not have Sabina Magliocco’s Neo-Pagan Sacred Art & Altars: Making Things Whole, it is now available at a super sale  by her publisher, the University of Mississippi Press.  Normally $50, it is now $15 […]

Tonight is Beltane, and tomorrow is May Day.  Two good discussions of this time are by Circle Sanctuary and Witchvox.  Beltane and tomorrow is May Day.  Beltane and May Day comprise one of our two most important Sabbats, the other […]

Beltane is approaching, and though I’m on the road right now to Southern California, I will be back to celebrate the dawn on May 1, arriving well before dawn at Berkeley’s Inspiration Point in Tilden Park .  There, every year, […]

When I offered my post on seeing ‘energy,’ one reader told me she would like me to write about how to feel it.   This is my answer to her request

April 25 has been named “World Malaria Day” and among the more positive develpments will be efforts by Christian and Muslim groups in Africa to cooperate against this killer.  Among the less positive developments, we can expect a number of […]

I have been taken to task for my curt response to Mike who responded to my post on John Boehner and torture.  My reply has grown to being a small post of its own that I hope will interest a […]

Eagle-eyed Valerie Voigt has again sent me an important link.  It is to a UN publication on contemporary persecution of witches.  It is calledWitchcraft Allegations, Refugee Protection and Human Rights: A Review of the Evidence, produced by the United Nations […]

House Minority Leader John Boehner just took the Republican Party another big step towards what at one time conservatives would have called totalitarianism when he said:  “Last week, they released these memos outlining torture techniques. That was clearly a political […]

Earth Day celebrates the earth and our relation to this wonderful place.  But our society relates to our home the way a sociopath relates to others: only as a tool, and only valued when useful.  Modern science is invoked to […]

Earth Day is approaching, and while I want to honor it, today I was sent a link to an article that suggests honoring Earth day would be a mistake.  The author, Bradley Doucet, repeats standard attacks from various kinds of […]